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Community Service
WeightLoss-Tricks.com have assisted us by lending their site to help teach upcoming website owners how to make the most of their website.

Should you be interested in a website we would recommend this educational series of ebooks (which includes some features used on their site).

If you are reading these manuals you can click on these links for

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database access screen

are conducting a worldwide survey to receive input from as many people as we possible can to gain feedback on public opinion.

We encourage you, your family and friends to participate in this Survey.

Your feedback is important to us and we look forward to your comments to help us improve this site.

Please inform us if you find any errors on this site.

A change for the better

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Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting


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WebSite Visitor Email Contact Form - 3 versions
We are delighted to announce we are the sole selling agent


- Special WebSite Visitor Sign-up Email Contact Form
- (Just insert the supplied code into your .html or .php code)
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Visitors can double (or single) opt-in to subscribe and unsubscribe
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(re-word all notices as you require your site visitors to receive)

- Special articles and Products -
- Email techniques
- Send out upto 300 emails per hour (applies to selected Hosting A/c)
- Membership Software including your own Affiliate members

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Would you like to know ...
What is important today?

The Internet and Google remove class distinction barriers and ensure all are treated equally no matter our social or financial status.

The Internet is a wonderful resource that even your children can use to great advantage from the point of view of education, relaxation and fun.

When you consider that there are many first time users each day, it helps to give you an appreciation for the scope and growing nature of any Internet related business.

So now with this new scope we can think in terms of new possibilities such as cash money making and specially easy fast cash money.

Whilst many people make excellent returns on Stocks and Shares many also chose Currency Conversion and Foreign Exchange or FX as it is know.

The Internet gives users instant On-Line Banking and an ability to send cash money from one country to another for commercial transactions and is easy to use even if we just wish to purchase best zings and similar commodities.

One Quarterly Review from the World Bank highlights that the internet is used even when u buy locally no matter where you are located in the world. Certainly it is a new way of doing international business.

Our environment is such that we can learn about accounting, legal, medical matters right down to new farming techniques and carbon credits.

Medical procedures and voice transmissions via Skype are every day occurrences so we can truly say we have a new reason and purpose of life when we learn to use the Internet.

Search Engines such as Google enable anyone (educated or otherwise) to enter any phrase and to receive the exact same answer a University Professor or business tycoon would receive.

As such the Internet and Google remove the class distinction barriers and ensure all are treated equally no matter our social or financial status (provided all can access the Internet).

What other technology can boast that sort of power and achievement in a period of less than 30 years? Certainly not even the printing press.

This web site consists of a collection of Owners who have gathered together to form a club hence our name WebSite-OwnersClub and of course because we have a Domain Name are known as WebSite-OwnersClub.com

Each of these Members own their own Domain Name which conduct various businesses and services for whom ever wishes to use the Google WebSite to search for any topic to satisfy their needs.

Our Web Site is focused on teaching and helping Website Owners to know how to improve their websites from free website to paid websites.

Many of these owners start the web site business by using domain tools to search for the cheapest domain names because a good website address is essential and a real asset if it has a domain name that is easy and catchy to remember.

Our website answers the often asked question of how to build a website and covers the simple free websites templates through to using various website builders through to blog software such as the well received and easy to use WordPress.

As a website owner becomes more skilled and familiar with internet terminology and language the owner uses additional domain tools such as provided by Google and will certainly become interested in the benefits of Google Adwords and pay-per-click promotions.

Suddenly issues such a WebSite searching techniques takes on a new and specific meaning as an important requirement is to gain meaningful website traffic since it enhances the value of a website and the registered Domain Name.

We specialize in email promotions to opt-in visitors and members who seek to gain a new understanding about becoming a website owner (hence the club) so that their website visitors gain more value by visiting their site because those sites convey better researched materials.

Owners start to then link their sites together where they have common topics or areas of interest.

Competition is not a problem on the Internet because the market is so vast.

We deliberately keep our monthly fees as low as humanly possible so that we can add value to the Internet and the internet users.

As a consequence, people are becoming better educated about how to build a web site, which means a better quality website even when website templates are used to build free websites with sites hosting performed by reliable service providers.

This site has been commenced by several people who have extensive commercial and computer experience. They understand accounting, banking, business, finance, personnel and responsibility.

The main reason for this site is to help younger people make money so they can support themselves and their family.

When you are young, most people do not value their time or money. To them everything is fun and NOW. As you get older you start to realize that family responsibilities (and especially children) do require you to become more dedicated to the stable requirements of financial independance. Eventually you will find yourself wishing you took more notice of earning and retaining funds earlier in your life.

The internet is actually a fun device to have and use. It was not available when we were younger so some of the things like writing web pages is something we leave to younger people as they adapt very quickly. This means that even if you are like us and do not have any ability to code/write pages you can still think and design layouts for a page. When you have some commercial experience it becomes much easier to visualize what you can do to make money.

Some people claim they made money overnight, hmm maybe. For most (including us), progress was much slower as it took some time to truely appreciate the way people really used the internet. Perhaps that might have been because I was slow to make purchases using our credit card (for fear of credit card fraud etc). Eventually we became less over cautious and ventured out with our credit card to make some small purchases and were surprised at just how easy it was to use and be part of the "new age".

Perhaps you will benefit to follow a similar steady path like we did -
  1. Secure a suitable Domain Name.

  2. Subscribe to suitable educational newsletters (you can learn a lot and they help you keep uptodate).

  3. We suggest you will join Website-OwnersClub.com (because we have many helpful article and products).

  4. Design an uncluttered looking web site (this can be difficult as you have many things to promote).

  5. Learn about search engines (see steps 2 and 3 for assistance plus search engines).

  6. Be slow to just spend money on what appears to be interesting data (they are often repeated FREE).

  7. Be prepared to invest your personal time and grow gradually (Rome was not built in a day).

  8. Learn the legal requirements a web site requires - refer GoLegally.com

  9. Learn about the legal requirements of emails.

  10. Some preset templates can help design your early pages (and many are FREE).

  11. Set-up your first web site and become it's best customer/user. (What do you like and dislike?)

  12. Refine your website then look for better content.

  13. Start to develop a customer base - let people subscribe to a newsletter you produce.

  14. Make it easy for people who change their mind about your site so they can unsubscribe.

  15. Do not become a pest and email people too often - remember they have other things in their life.

  16. Good newsletter content keeps people interested in your web site - keep it fresh.

  17. Let people leave if they wish perhaps your site is not for them - their decision not yours.

  18. Do something every day to make your web site fresh and newsworthy - update weekly.

  19. Involve your family and friends whenever possible - and do listen to their ideas.

  20. Have fun and watch your income steadily increase.

Finally, item 19 needs to be repeated for the benefit of family harmony.
Respect the views of others and especially let them feel free to express their ideas otherwise they will get desperate and stop making their suggestions. We took everyones ideas and gave them a try - I found I was not always right - perhaps you will experience that others can be right (especially your spouse).

Let the internet be a source of family growth and not disharmony because "life is too short" to argue.

Remember to always help others because you benefit more than you might think.

For more information to ...

search for Domain Name and hosting read Cheapest Domain Names

free email and site hosting

how to build a web site software

paid hosting and WordPress installing

Hopefully you will join our web site owners club - it costs just $US6 per month

Once you are a member you will receive regular emails and technical advice (in a non-technical language you can understand).

Topics covered include ... what is a who.is search ... what is an ip search ... domain tools ... domain check ... email spf records ... and many more helpful topics.

Just like you like to be creative on your own website ...
..we are trying to improve our website ... we respect and value your opinions many of you are also (respectfully) older hands at the "ART"

What do you think
- how best to handle the mix of old and newer visitors.

Most more experienced users do remember the pain they endured when they were learning to use their computer systems ... then as they took on a website ... then some extra work to get their websites operational.

It was painful at first - there was the fear of "breaking something" that was working, the fear of deleting, the "special technical talk of Support Line people".

Fortunately, most of these "more experienced hands" are quick to respond with advice when asked to help (as long as you are trying and do not abuse their time).

So if you are a "real Newbie"
let us try to save you hours of unnecessary work.

Having you own website can be fun and challenging at the same time certainly it beats reading a passive book even if it is a thriller.

What better fun could you ask for than to grapple with the "geeky terninology" of programmers who know what they mean but just did not write it down because they are sure EVERONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO.

In reality even those experienced users, are apprehensive as they try new software - will it work for them, will they be able to understand what needs to be done.

Finally, once all is operational ...
that satisfied look comes across their face ... when it all works.

So now it is your turn - if you are a "newbie"

Inside we hope you will find ALL the things you need, such as information about :-
Getting your own Domain Name
Hosting - free and paid Hosting - operating system
Emails - setting up your own email account
There are some low cost easy to read manuals (complete with screen dumps) available for you to purchase that cover hopefully all the steps you need to host and run your website.

If you need code for your site - there is an inexpensive offer and a working site for you to review and if you need help to install WordPress there is an inexpensive offer you might like to accept.
WordPress is itself FREE to download but some like to have it professionally installed.

Either way once your site is installed you might like to incorporate a special form so your website visitors can leave this email address so they can receive your Newsletter. Details inside (incidently you get a discount even when you purchase a product for your own site use.

Traffic generation is a really important issue and there are

- you need:-
FREE eBook 1 - How to get a Domain Name (Cost approx $US 10 p.a.)
eBooks 2-8 This will FAST TRACK your Domain Name into reality and if you wish to purchase (at the same time) .html code you can use IMMEDIATELY on your WebSite - Cost is $US 45

Every site needs
GoLegally Toolbar (website Terms of Use etc details) - Cost $US 52 p.a.
Build your Email List - sent Newsletters - get product sales

Working with our guidlines, you enhance your Web Site with one or more of our products or services.
Qualification is fast, easy and inexpensive (you decide your level of expense from "slow and steady" to "fast and racy").

We want you to be successful ...
So we let you join our special PROMOTIONAL Newsletter (thousands of opt-in subscribers) to promote your Web Site and immediately encourage visitors - all you have to do is write appealing promotional text "to pull them across". LIMITED ACCESS see below. We allow your Site promotion to appear on our Website.

Learn how Website Owners CAN CONFIDENTLY TALK OF BOOM in this current economy ... and much more ...

What are typical costs for my website

Brief SUMMARY of this Web Site products

Fast and Racy - (recommended)

Please pause for a moment and think about - how would you handle a large number of site visitors?
Do you have the facilities to "in house" - autorespond to a request to join your site? - send out YOUR OWN "fully compliant emails" whenever you wish at the rate of 300 per hour? - Have your own Affiliates? - Charge Subscriptions of any amount and period (including recurring) you wish? - and Pay commissions to your Affiliates when they introduce business?
It definately seems you need a WebMaster in a box
Confession - we use this software to manage our own WebSite system - yes this very site - The software is great, easy to use and does make the difference you really need to be successful with your Web Site.
Needless to say, it is very well supported by a competent software couple.

Slow and steady

Yes, you can watch your expenses as you grow, but it will not take long for you to realize you are better to depress the accelerator and get going - specially during the time of our special offer - nevertheless check this out.

Brief SUMMARY of this Web Site articles - to make you think

COMPETITION - no problem

This article helps you understand how the world of the internet is SO LARGE that COMPETITION IS NOT A PROBLEM.

It highlight how you as a Web Site Owner can benefit when you swap ideas with other Website Owners and work as a TEAM to help each other - because you actually end up helping yourself (indirectly).

Each TEAM player brings their own skills and contacts into play for their benefit as well as the benefit of the other team members.

What does a Website Owner need?

Every person who has a Website (or will shortly have a Website - and is currently just "doing their homework") are entitled to join as a Member of WebSite-OwnersClub.com (even if they describe themselves as just "an Affiliate") because shortly "the penny will drop" and suddenly "everything will click into position" and they will REALLY UNDERSTAND THE INTERNET and how Internet Marketing really works. Then they will "really get involved and be a "really active Website Owner", but until that time, manuals and courses will only serve to educate that person because "you must serve your apprenticeship" which means time, energy and experience, however, selecting and using "really good software packages" will definately shorten that period and sharpen your skills.

Members have requested we provide more information about good software packages -
- we have been listening and we are now acting.

If you have good software, especially if you own the Resale Rights then we will set-up a panel to evaluate it and give it points and a summary of comments that will encourage our Members to purchase it for ...
(a) their own use and (b) for re-sale on their Website.

An example of this is the wonderful Membership software we purchased for our own use on our own Web Site.
Certainly we would recommend you should purchase this software because it enables you to fully manage your site, that is, you have autoresponders, billing and receipting functions, automatic affiliate accounting but BEST OF ALL, you control your own outgoing emails and DO NOT NEED TO PAY OTHERS TO CONTROL YOUR OPT-IN ARRANGEMENTS.

What are typical costs for my website


If you have any special ideas ...
please send an email to admin (use @ chartacter) WebSite-OwnersClub.com because we are keen to improve and expand our Web Site.
Please put Support in the Subject Line so we can give you priority.

Thank you.




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