Whenever a person signs up with a PAID WebSite-OwnersClub Membership

That person is …
automatically entitled to receive a commission on sales introduced by them
(very generous hey !!!).

That is we AUTOMATICALLY make that person an AFFILIATE.

An Affiliate can access their Affiliate Account details -

1. to see how much money they have made

2. to find how to insert links so they can earn even more income (by inserting the links in emails, placing links on their WebSite(s) etc)

3. to change their Password … and a whole lot more …

Please just

Affiliate Commission Rates vary according to Product – typically from NIL to 50% (Average about 30%).
We recommend you place a correctly formatted link on your own WebSite to our site (full details are given on “your profile” page) – a cookie ensures you receive credit for all sales that use THAT link to reach our WebSite for THAT visit. (Yes THAT link applies to purchases made by your site visitors and is also applicable to your own personal purchases).
NOTE – Naturally …
Our Affiliate Commissions only apply to items sold ON this WebSite by our Affiliates and do NOT apply to purchases made on WebSite(s) “linked to” from/by this WebSite – because – those WebSite(s) may have their own Affiliate Network and commissions to pay. We give FULL DISCLOSURE that this WebSite might also be one of their paid Affiliates. Our Affiliates would therefore NOT be entitled to commission on those external sales.

Visitors can also register as FREE (unpaid) however, may not receive all the benefits that a Paid Member receives – nevertheless, they will receive some Newsletter and then hopefully they might then join because that will help us to become stronger and of more use to them in the future.