An Email Bulk Sender (with its own SMTP) – enables you to personalize your individual email directly to the individual email address for each individual email. You do not have to use any :cc or :bcc type tricks – and best of all – it does NOT use your Hosting Email Server to send-out emails.

This Email Bulk Sender should be able to bypass your hourly/daily limit set by your Hosting Company, however, you must ensure you are not using SPAM techniques as this will quickly give you a bad name and cause regrettable email issues for you.

The Hosting Company is NOT concerned with your incoming emails –
so using the AUTOMATION software described in
Item 3. Automation Mode (see above earlier article) $US60 –
these bouncing undeliverable emails will be automatically removed from your email list – now everyone is happy. Very professional.
Email Bulk Sender – $US80 – Click here



Email Tracking – when an email is opened etc – these features track and inform you of when that email was accessed. Cost will be supplied when you own the above software in the form of a “special offer for good clients”.

This feature is provided by a third party and not conducted directly on your computer.
Email Tracking – $US12.85 per month or $US80 per annum – Click here



Ideally for a real professional capability you should combine -
- 2. On-site Visitor email sign-up form
- 3. Automatic mode
- 3. List Management
- 4. Email Verifier
- 4. Email Drip-feed
- 5. Email Bulk-sender



once you own the above software you will be offered some additional features at discounted prices.

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