Due to excess demand we are unable to handle any new clients until May 2015.
Please email us to make a booking to handle your requirements.

Need HELP to get “up and running”?

If you need any of WordPress, a DataBase or ToolBar installed and are unsure of how to install it on your WebSite – just call the experts!

You can have fast efficient experts provide a same day service – lately they are so busy it is almost the same day.

If you just have a Domain Name and need to install a full working site complete with DataBase (and Visitor details form) or just need Word Press you can get all the help you need from experts.

To install BOTH (at the same time) – that is CREATE your HOSTING ACCOUNT and INSTALL WordPress complete with a Visitor detail form – SPECIAL PRICE applies

Additional charges for basic software modifications you require – by negotiation.

Install on GoDaddy.com

Buy a .Com get a .US domain Free from GoDaddy.com!

WordPress only … $50

DataBase only (includes Visitor information form) … $60

WordPress and DataBase … $80

Install on non GoDaddy.com site
WordPress only … $85

DataBase only (includes Visitor info form) … $95

WordPress and DataBase … $115

Install (any Host)
GoLegally ToolBar … $25



Select your purchase option below:

Install on GoDaddy.com
WordPress only … $50

Install on GoDaddy.com
DataBase only (includes Visitor info form) … $60

WordPress and
Full Working Site on GoDaddy.com

Install on non GoDaddy.com site
WordPress … $US 85

Install on non GoDaddy.com
Full Working Site … $US 95

Install on non GoDaddy.com
WordPress and DataBase … $US 115

Install GoLegally ToolBar … USD 25

After payment – you will be taken to a Thank You page which will give further advice and seek additional information so a fast and efficient service can be provided to you.

SPECIAL NOTE – To ensure confidentiality of your Data and Hosting site –

we suggest you create a “new Password” each time you require “an outsider” to access your website.

  • Give these access codes to the outsider so they can perform their work
  • then after the work is tested by you – change the access codes BACK to your standard codes.

To HELP YOU and cut down your frustration – be prepared to LISTEN and WRITE-DOWN “all codes etc”.

People forget that once the software is installed THEY need to manage the site in all respects – it is easy and even first timers “can do it” but you MUST READ and LISTEN to advice – You would be surprised to know how many people try to talk their way thru the exercise and refuse to even write down codes and passwords.

Please do NOT be one of them because it makes YOUR task just so much harder.

Remember – Listen and take notes (that is the secret to success).

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