Email Address Verifier – this software is ALWAYS USEFUL – run the list through this easy to use software BEFORE any email campaign and eliminate many bounces etc.
(Be aware that some domain addresses cannot be checked such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL because when they are running their special spam detection software – they refuse to co-operate and have a hourly limit on the number of emails they will receive from a sending Domain).

Register i before 10000090

Today so many Hosting Companies have daily and hourly limits on the number of out-going emails you can send.

It is therefore so VITAL that EACH email counts and is not wasted – that is why spamming is such a waste of effort and resources. Make EACH EMAIL count and have it “verified” before you even try to send it.
Email Address Verifier – $US40 – Click here



Email Dripper – this program enables you to pre-plan when emails will be sent with different text material. So plan an email campaign of say 4 emails each with different content for a particular email list – set it and let it run automatically (while you relax and check your bank account).

This enables you to keep regular contact with your customer so they do not forget you, yet does not cause you to become a pest to your customer. Being automated enables your email autoresponder to drip feed.
Email Autoresponder (Dripper) – $US50 – Click here



Purchase BOTH and they will “work together” as a unit – making control much easier and more effective for you.

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