This Web Site is helping it’s Member – for several reasons.

Firstly, because the WeightLoss-Tricks people have lent part of their web site so we can help show how css code can change the way a web page looks.

Secondly, as we all sit at our computers far too much (and get no exercise) we eat and gain too much weight and get “out of shape”.

Now it is only right that we return some favor and so we are managing their Mailing List for a few months whilst they grow, and then THERE IS MORE they want all us computer users to realise computer users MUST get EXERCISE.

Of course, we think using a mouse is exercise (which is very true), however, we need to do much more exercise so they are making available for our members a delightful series of easy simple exercises (that can be done – on your bed).


This IS THE ONE YOU WANT if you find exercises too difficult and painful.

Being overweight has it’s problems in moving your limbs – and this is the ANSWER in a gentle way.

Those slim models look good swinging around (on TV etc) but it is just too difficult and exhausting for us.

Yes, I have been there.
I do understand – it is just too much for us – yet you can be thin again (it just takes longer and who needs the pressure).

I know you will feel at home with this eBook and the ideas it presents.

You will feel confident again and GET THE RESULTS you desire WITHOUT THE STRESS.

Secure your eBook now – and remember as our AFFILIATE you can sell this e-book and earn a commission.