The .csv files referred to in article 2. On-site Visitor Email sign-up form are designed to be handled “MANUALLY” – however – as you “grow your list” you will quickly find it preferrable to AUTOMATE as much work as possible.
(These comments also apply to MySql data).

Automatic mode – data can be accessed remotely and automatically placed into an email in the form of a “single” or “double” opt-in email to your WebSite visitor.

If “double opt-in” is selected – the recepient is required to click on a return link to activate their membership of your list. Failure to respond will cause those email details to be removed and ignored.

When “single opt-in” (is selected) all the email data is saved and retained immediately in your Membership List when processed.

There can be MANY Membership lists all with different names – and different Domain Names can sent and receive emails from their own domain’s email account eg and and etc.

In the Automatic Mode software – in addition to using data from the .csv format files it is also possible to receive emails from clients with the word “Subscribe” or “Unsubscribe” and their email request is automatically processed.

Most important – this above program can analyze most “returned” or “bounced” emails and automatically remove their email address from your email list. For my money this feature alone is worth the money – as removing useless email addresses is such a waste of time and effort, yet it needs to be done because people do lapse their email addresses or just give you useless wrong emails.
Sadly the format or “returned and/or bounced” emails is not standard so this is almost automatically but not quite (we are honest about this aspect).

Ideal to combine (because they work so well together).
- .csv on-site Visitor Email Contact Signup Form $US27- Click here
- the Automatic Mode – Subscription Manager $US60 – Click here



List management –

  • remove duplicate records,
  • compare one list with another and
  • “nice to have tools” such as export

List Manager – $US40 – Click here



Export capabilities to the following additional products

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