Unless you have a bottom-less pit of money, you should budget the amount of money you spend on IT – which includes the Internet.

Within reason, you should AUTOMATE as much as reasonably possible and devote the money and your time saved to promoting YOUR WEB SITE by advertising.

This page is intended to outline the cost of the various options available to you. Whilst there are other options (possibilities) these are the most likely choices you might chose.

The idea is to present you with an accurate assessment of likely costs – so your budget is protected and so that you know the cost of other choices because by upgrading to a higher level (if you can afford it) then you can grow your business faster etc.

you will need to ADD EACH SECTION you select to obtain a TOTAL EXPENDITURE and we can accept no responsibility or obligations for the information which is provided here in good faith.



DOMAIN NAME and Hosting

The cost of a Domain Name varies depending upon who is the supplier through whom you obtain the Domain Name and you can assume the annual renewal cost will be about the same except when you have some special promotion.

Domain Names ending with .com (the most usual) cost from about $US10 to $US35 per annum.

Some Suppliers of Domain Names leave you with just the Domain Name other might provide more in the form of Free Sponsored Hosting, Paid Hosting, with various storage and transfer rates, databases and email services.

WE RECOMMEND a supplier of Domain Names who charges about $US10 per annum (on initial and renewal) with provision for Private Registration (so your personal details are not revealed to anyone), and enables you to select either Free (Sponsored) Hosting or Paid Hosting (BOTH WITHOUT CONTRACT – so you can cancel or change services at any time you chose. They also provide email and databases with backup service and have a 24/7 email and live telephone support service with competent LIVE operators AT NO COST.

For a FREE e-book Right Click on this Link
We recommend you Right Click on this Link and Save Target As – otherwise the file will open immediately which takes about a minute because of the Filesize 3.7 Mb
(e-book covers how to get a personal account, select and secure a Domain).

Additional Options include:-
Sponsored or Paid hosting for either Windows or Linux Operating System, Secure Layer Encryption (SSL), Traffic assistance (extra fee), Site Statistics, Email (standard and enhanced Email). Small paid hosting starts at $US3.99 per month through to full private servers.

- DOMAIN NAME $US10 p.a.
- complete with FREE email and sponsored hosting plus a database
Check out - http://www.DomainName-Site.com


MEMBERSHIP - WebSite-OwnersClub.com

Depending on how the Annual Membership is paid, the cost of Membership varies between Monthly, Quarterly and of course Annually.

You can take advanage of our


YOU SELECT – which Membership plan is easiest for you

- $US 15 per month – 12 payments per year – TOTAL $US 180 p.a.
- $US 40 per quarter – 4 payments per year – TOTAL $US 160 p.a.
- $US120 per annum – 1 payment per year — TOTAL $US 120 p.a.

Remember – Membership provides you with access to selected FREE SOFTWARE – coming soon

Membership entitles you to become an Affiliate and earn money.




Let me take advantage of your Limited Time Offer 

$US 6 per month
(recurring Subscription)

(12 payments per year)
TOTAL $US 72 p.a.

Affiliate Commission $2 p.m = $US24 p.a.



Normally Pay



$US 15 per month
(recurring Subscription)

(12 payments per year)
TOTAL $US 180 p.a.

Affiliate Commission $4.50 p.m. =$US54 p.a.



Normally Pay



$US 40 per Quarter
(recurring Subscription)

(4 payments per quarterly)
TOTAL $US 160 p.a.

Affiliate Commission $12 p.m. = $US48 p.a.



Normally Pay



$US 120 per Year
(recurring Subscription)

(1 payment per year)
TOTAL $US 120 p.a.

Affiliate Commission $US36 p.a.




STOP PRESS – To help you get started …
- We are giving away – Book 1 to those who register …

If you have already registered … you will have received an email
- containing a link to get your FREE COPY of e-Book 1

These e-books cover EACH STEP you need to take and show screen dumps as each step progresses. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is … so clear and so easy … even novices cannot go wrong.

The e-books are broken into 8 different books so each has their own dedicated topic to avoid confusion.

Whether it is Backing-up, Restoring or creating a Database you can easily follow these steps even professionals will want these e-books because of their completeness and so easy to follow style.
This set would easily retail for $US250 if printed in hard cover.

Topics are as follows
Book 1 – Domain Registration – now given away FREE (if registered)
Book 2 – Create an Email Account
Book 3 – Transfer a Domain Name
Book 4 – Which to Select – Private + Operating Sys + SSL
Book 5 – Set-up a Hosting Account
Book 6 – How to Create Web Pages and use Filezilla
Book 7 – Set-up a DataBase
Book 8 – Create Back-up Restore Modify a DataBase

Cost of the 8 e-book set ——– $US30.

Affiliate Commission $US9.

Also available



Your own website with associated code files … already typed for you
so they are ready to use …
All you need do is just substitute your words (for your site) into these forms.
Attachments – HTML code for index (first starting) page, samples with and without CSS, CSS code, visitor fill-in email collection page, sample database.

Cost of the already typed website code – $US40.

Affiliate Commission $US12.



So if you purchase BOTH at the same time …
AND … because e-Book 1 is given away FREE (to those registered)
save $US20 – so instead of $US70 for the lot
TOTAL COST if BOTH purchased – at the same time – $US50.

Affiliate Commission $US15.




Ideal for selling PRODUCTS, managing email list + business and social Members

Whenever a visitor reviews your Web site they become a potential client or member. Encourage that visitor to enter the email address and capture them forever with full opt-in features that are fully automated (however, you control it automatically – so you pay no fees to others).

Whenever a product or Membership is sold you can charge via PayPal, ClickBank or a Payment Processor and have either a single payment or regular periodic payments (so everyone wins).

Affiliates are also easily incorporated so that commissions earned on sales made through Affiliates can be automatically paid to them once their earning exceed the minimum level for payment.

BEST OF ALL you can send emails to all or a selected group on your current database list. BUT IT DOES NOT STOP THERE – YES THERE IS MORE – MUCH MORE than we are going to write here

OK – So what is the BIG EMAIL SURPRISE (just read the next paragraph)

Well if you really want to handle your own opt-in (Double and Single)
EMAIL OUT upto several thousand emails per day to your opt-in list including use of CSV data (but do NOT spam)
and did we mention – it also creates and manages AFFILIATES for you.


- Full Product control – Full Customer and Member control
- Full Money receipting features – PayPal, ClickBank, Payment Processor
- Word Press BLOG so users can have their say about things
- Email Opt-in that you control – Single and Double Opt-in rules followed
- Send out emails – (if you don’t spam) use a CSV feature
- Send several thousand emails per day to your Opt-in list
- is fully installed free of cost (or you can install yourself)
- is fully supported with free upgrades as they are released

COST – $US490 … plus $US47 every 30 days
WOW – this cost is just about to change – to a lower better offer – more news in 7 days or else email us at admin @ website-ownersclub.com (remember to remove the spaces around the @ symbol) and we will get you a great deal.

Costs a ONCE ONLY PAYMENT of $US167 for a single 1-site licence
and/or $US297 for Unlimited-site licence- all with that no questions asked … guarantee.
Click here for further details

Affiliate Commission does not apply to this Product.



WEBSITE LEGAL NOTICES – set of 6 documents comprising:-
1. Under 14 Policy
2. Terms of Use
3. Privacy Policy
4. Sale of Goods Agreement
5. Disclosure Statement
6. Site Licence

(Sold on behalf of GoLegally.com as it’s appointed Agent)
comes in the form of a Legal Tool Bar for Header (optional) and Footer display


a. First site – full price
- 52USD per annum



b. Master and Additional Sites
- same email address owner -
10USD per annum per site.


Master + Additional Licence

51+ WebSites -
   Please email admin for a Quote
   Please put “Support” in the Subject Line



c. Additional Sites
- same email address owner
- 10USD per annum per site.


No of Additional Sites

51+ WebSites -
   Please email admin for a Quote
   Please put “Support” in the Subject Line


d. Special Condition – One valid email address to cover all sites.
e. Sold in annual periods (only) of 1 year = 52 weeks per Licence
f. 51+ WebSites -
   Please email admin @ website-ownersclub.com for a Quote
   Please put “Support” in the Subject Line
g. Not suitable for Adult and/or Children site(s)
- obtain advice from your personal Attorney
- as these sites need very specialized legal assistance.


Affiliate Commission Payable on the Website Legal Notices 30%

Deluxe Hosting Go DEconomy Price from GoDaddy.com!