If you were the FIRST to write a UNIQUE sentence – then you can claim Copyright on “that sentence” meaning the words, their order and meaning in THAT sentence cannot be copied and used by another (this is a simple example).

Obviously if you wrote “the cat sat on the mat” you could not claim Copyright because others have used that statement BEFORE you, however, I believe it helps to show the meaning and intent of Copyright Ownership.

In order to gain a better understanding I refer you to an Attorney and the Internet to do further research.

Needless to say, you CANNOT just take the work of someone else and reproduce THAT work without the permission of the Copyright Owner because they can successfully sue you.

For example, this article could not be taken by you and reproduced on your WebSite – you need to write and get permission and then to acknowledge the name of the Copyright Owner.

There is a lot to know about Copyright and to just plead … “I was not aware of the Law” is not a sufficient excuse.

Copyright and TradeMarks apply to all sort of fields and endeavors and then there is Patent Law.

Best advice is NEVER copy anyone else – be original in all things – I am sure you can be very creative.