WEBSITE OWNERS are lucky – and can now be luckier still.

Who else in the World can just decide to send out some emails and make a lot of money in the next few days?
Only a Website Owner – and who can do it best -
a member of

Website Owners need to be resourceful in order to take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities that their website(s) provides them.

Everyone talks about the Global Economy – some talk of doom and recession – Website Owners CAN CONFIDENTLY TALK OF BOOM.

COMPETITION – no problem

This world is SO LARGE that COMPETITION IS NOT A PROBLEM and the internet is proof of this fact.

When a committed Group of Website Owners get together and work as a TEAM to help each other – they actually end up helping themselves.

Each TEAM player brings their own skills and contacts into play for their benefit as well as the benefit of the other team members.

Whilst what is offered by one WEBSITE might not appeal to one particular buyer you can be sure that another Website will offer a product that will appeal to that buyer and a sale will result.

So by being a member of you will benefit because of the other Website Owners
1. Sharing their ideas and techniques.
2. Sharing their client database (in a confidential non-disclosed way) that will result in more profits for all members.

WE ALL WIN and it cost you nothing.

Please use the Membership Application Form on the Member tag to participate in our Membership Club wherein further details will be provided in our Member Newsletter.

What does a Website Owner need?

More than anything a Website Owner needs guidance from other Website Owners because they know that they can rely on their opinions. What some might say? Rely on the opinion of your competitor!

Whilst this attitude might be the norm for many industries that attitude does not occur amoungst the vast majority of Website Owners and this opinion grows the longer people get to know the Industry. The reason for this is because people quickly learn that the Web Market place is SO VAST that competition is just not the issue that they once thought it might be. In addition, Website Owners suddenly find they are making a lot of money and rightly want to take a rest – because getting to that stage does take an amount of dedicated work – but the real reason is they appreciate they can capture an even larger market (and hence income) IF THEY CAN FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO SELL.

Yes that is always the issue.

Unless you are prepare to work very long hours researching many, many products the only other way to really know what is EXCELLENT and what is average (or worse still – just “plain bad”) is by the comments of others who should know (eg Website Owners), particularly if they are successful. Of course, everyone like to be treated with respect, but respect become more important, when it comes to being considered by your peers as a “respected industry expert”.

Every person who has a Website (or will shortly have a Website – and is currently just “doing their homework”) are entitled to join as a Member of (even if they describe themselves as just “an Affiliate”) because shortly “the penny will drop” and suddenly “everything will click into position” and they will REALLY UNDERSTAND THE INTERNET and how Internet Marketing really works. Then they will “really get involved” and be a “really active Website Owner”, but until that time, manuals and courses will only serve to educate that person because “you must serve your apprenticeship” which means time, energy and experience, however, selecting and using “really good software packages” will definately shorten that period and sharpen your skills.

Many Members have requested we provide more information about good software packages – we have been listening and we are now acting.

If you have good software, especially if you own the Resale Rights (but even as an Affiliate is OK – althought naturally the Owner is better for us to negotiate with especially in the event of code changes being required as an enhancement), then we will set-up a panel to evaluate it and give points to the software and a summary of comments that will encourage our Members to purchase for (a) their own use and (b) for re-sale on their Website.

Naturally this does bring up the issue of (1) did we pay for the software (2) was it given to us (3) does this site get a commission when a sale to a member occurs etc (4) bias etc and rightly so. As a consequence we have a small but experienced group of people evaluating these issues for us and once they have come to some conclusions we believe we will create a suitable database for use by (a) those who wish to submit suitable software and (b) those who wish to read and act on the results of those experts who evaluate the software.

Naturally, we need to consider many issues such as the level of experience of the user in issues such as marketing, modifications to the code for the user site, instalations etc in EACH piece of software – you can see we have passed into the detail that needs to be considered.

In addition, there are a lots of benefits that have been discussed, however, in order that I can keep my job (which I really enjoy), I had better not disclose some of the issues I have over-heard, except to say …
I am impressed and very excited by what I believe will be the eventual outcome for Members.

So if you have any special ideas please send an email to admin (use @ chartacter) You might find we vary the Member Application form (from time to time) to ask for additional information in preparation for these additional matters (please bear with us as we grow so rapidly).

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