If you are reading this screen then you are obviously interested and on your way to starting an Internet Business or Career (or maybe you have already started recently) and looking for assistance in GROWING an Internet Business.

Certainly there is much to learn and things to do, however, it will be our pleasure to assist guide you through some different ways to get started. Obviously the path you decide to take will depend on 3 factors.

  1. How much time you have to get started – Slow and steady – or – Fast and larger
  2. How much money you wish to spend – initially and over say 12 months
  3. What results you wish to achieve by say 3 months, 6 months and 12 months (in terms of Sales and Profit dollars).

Once you have determined these answers then you are able to proceed with a “goal in mind”. This is very important, however, there are certain legal and accounting issues to also be considered – for information about these matters we refer you to a very good and clear article on You would be very wise to read this carefully and take notice.

Perhaps we need to consider the major list of tasks that you need to consider/achieve. Many items may not be required if you intend to “just get started” as you can attend to “these items” as you grow.

What legal structure you might need – a reliable Attorney and Accountant – insurance (if any) – obviously you should look-up and know about things like Copyright, Trademarks, Defimation, Scandals, Libel, Mis-representation, Fraudelent Misrepentation, SPAM, Child pornography, COPPA ACT, Taxation obligations, Import and Export Laws, PayPal and banking matters – to name just a few (but do not be frightened away – these issues are explained later).

Assuming you have say about 2 hours per day to devote and wish to have your internet WebSite up and operational in a reasonable period of time – it appears that you have several options -

Every Internet WebSite MUST HAVE a Domain Name – a Domain Name costs about 10USD per year. On this Club’s pages you will see reference to some e-books on setting-up a web site – Book 1 is free and can be downloaded here
DOWNLOAD FREE e-Book about setting up a DOMAIN NAME
We recommend you Right Click on this Link and Save Target As – otherwise the file will open immediately which takes about a minute because of the Filesize 3.7 Mb

A Domain Name is not easy to find because some many good names have now been registered, however, there are millions of good options waiting to be selected and purchased. Domain Names are a good investment – especially at 10USD per year (and of course much better and more valuable when you have a web site which produces strong traffic and profits).