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WE COMPRISE of a small group of people who are all over 50 years of age who have retired from the typical "rat race".

Our interest now center on watching over the environment for the younger generations and trying to assist make a difference especially for those with younger families to feed.


Cover a vast number of industries and experiences within those industries - accounting, finance, mortgages, valuations, real estate, business management and consulting, computer software and hardware, farming, staff personnel, HR, Hospital Management, Kitchen Management, Aviation, Retail Businesses, Internet Online business, personnel coaching, share farming, database experts, retired farmer, etc.


Because we know we are able to best help each other by doing so as this brings all sorts of skills to help each other (yet we each maintain our own seperate business entities.

As an example,
the computer software programmer amongst us has provided a skeleton format which is used by almost all sites. This significantly reduces our site cost yet enables each to easily add their own relevant site details.

The Accountant and Business Consultant amongst us has provided an overview of business and legal items for us to consider and get formal legal advice about for each of our sites.

The Online Business Marketer has provided an electronic marketplace (eMall) for us to all be able to promote our website business (for a low cost) with a link to our main websites for more complete product promotion.

Another Accountant amongst us has recognition as a site to enable people to register domain names and this extends to being able to provide sponsored free web hosting and email facilities.

A retired farmer is particularly concerned about the environment and educating people about anticipated problems his grandchildren might face.


So we will stop here, however, if you would like to join us as a member, (membership is currently FREE) we are pleased to provide you with a free link to your site.


Because the world is so large and so vast none of us are concerned about competition. In fact, the larger a group of members the greater we can help each other and the greater the public perceived our Member's ability to provide good value on their website.

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